iWarehouse is a system supporting the automation of warehousing processes.

It makes real-time stock-item tracking and management of related processes more efficient even in case of large amount of rapidly-rotating stocks. The system provides full support during the whole life cycle of stocks in the warehouse: from the production or the registration of the items arriving at the warehouse through moving the items to processing or taking out them.

The solution applies standardized technologies spread and justified in other fields in an innovative way, specifically optimized for industrial use. The iWarehouse system includes a wireless (WiFi or RemoteSense) network, which covers the whole area of the warehouse, as well as, fixed and mobile iWarehouse devices. Each item arriving at the warehouse receives an RFID tag with the use of a fixed device, ensuring the item’s unique identification. In case of moving an item in the warehouse, the RFID capable mobile device installed on the forklifts detects the tag of the lifted item, and forwards its identifier and position information via the wireless network to the central server where the item data are promptly updated.

iWarehouse can be implemented as a stand-alone solution, but it also supports integration with existing systems (e.g. Microsoft Navision). In the latter case, the existing system is responsible for handling the whole stock record system, which is extended by the automated item status and position management of the iWarehouse system. To be able to use this innovation in practice, just the establishment of the wireless network infrastructure, and the installation of forklift devices are needed.

Why iWarehouse?

  • makes office and warehouse processes more synchronized and efficient

  • reduces administration time and risk of human errors

  • monitors and visualizes vehicle movements and warehouse operations

  • supports optimization of business processes by using statistical data

  • can be implemented as a stand-alone system or integrated to existing systems

  • provides fully customizable user interfaces with internationalization and localization

  • includes on-site installation, maintenance, support and consulting

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